La Calade en Provence

Themed Stay


“Fasting is to the body's organs what a full night's rest is for a tired worker" Dr. Shelton. We offer short fasts of three days. You will be guided by email and / or telephone in food reduction and subsequent food reintroduction. There is a varied program of activities during fasting: self- guided massage, walking at your own pace, sauna, jacuzzi, relaxation therapy, osteopathy, massage, talking groups, documentaries on fasting, cooperative games…

Nomadic writing workshops

Many of us want to write without daring to try. The spontaneous writing method along with physical activity, in the form of walking, enables you to express your emotions, stimulate your imagination and change your perceptions. We walk, we look, we feel, we listen. And you write. The walks take place in the morning. In the afternoon you are free to go and explore the region, continue your writing work, or have a nap.

Gluten and lactose free cooking course

Changing the way you eat and how you cook is quite complicated. When I discovered my gluten intolerance I was a bit lost, I didn't know how or what to cook. I now know the products and techniques to use and offer to share them with you. People with gluten intolerance or celiac disease often experience weight gain that cannot be explained: this is because the manufactured products and replacements have a high glycemic index. In the courses I offer, I share my research and experience of cooking to offer a tasty, healthy and balanced cuisine, which is gluten and lactose free and has a low glycemic index.

Singing Sundays

Do you only sing in your bathroom? Lisa and Mathias, lyrical singers, are singing teachers that will make you breathe, laugh, mobilise your energy, improvise and sing the feet in the grass and the head in the stars.