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Philippe's cooking

Jams that we propose you for breakfast are made with our garden fruits, lemon and orange jam with biological "bio" fruits.

Unfortunately, we give up our hives. We use honey from a "bio" local producer . The pork comes from a "bio" producer, the chickens from an outdoor breeding (in Bresse) . The wild fish of a local fisherman . Most of the food we buy is from a "bio" farmer, eggs, pasta, rice, flour, milk, butter, olive oil.
Olive oil is locally produced, but for the moment we can't produce our own oil from Mas de la Calade. We hope so in a few years!
Philippe makes bread with homemade yeast and of course "bio" flour from different cereals as well as pastries for breakfast.
Wne comes from a local vineyard it is served all you can drink!
Your room is close to the wine cellar so be careful not to go overboard!

Philippe is gluten intolerant, he cooks dishes gluten-free for people intolerant.


The kitchen garden and the orchand

In the kitchen garden philippe cultivates only vegetables of ancient origin. Not hybrids . All the seeds are produced by Kokopelli the famous competitor of Monsanto. He uses a system of simplified cultures that means that he uses worms for the plowing, flowers to repel vegetarian insects (not chimical products) and straw to save on watering.

Philippe plants an orchand with trees of ancient origin to find ancient flavour. He looks after the trees with organic products, straw, egg shell...and "bouillie bordelaise"

If you are interested in this kind of technics, philippe will be happy to show you them.

Mas de la Calade : Bed and breakfast with organic dinner
Sainte Baume in Provence

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